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Mass Effect 3: A Review

Now there isn’t much i could say about Mass Effect 3 that hasn’t already been said by every major game reviewer out there, but i’m gonna give it a shot anyway. So here is my review of Mass Effect 3.

I have been a tremendous fan of the series since the very beginning with the original Mass Effect on launch day, and we’ve come a long way since then. We’ve battled geth and lost a loyal crewman, we’ve destroyed collectors and potentially lost our entire crew, and now here we are, fighting the greatest threat against, not only humanity, but all organic life.

Mass Effect 3 picks up after Shepard’s return to earth after his suicide mission past the Omega 4 relay to defeat the collectors. Shepard has been grounded and relieved of duty from the Alliance military because of his work with cerberus. Shepard must travel the galaxy recruiting his team and pushing back the reapers as best he can in order to ensure the safety of the galaxy and the recapture of earth.

In the past, collecting your team felt huge and necessary, bringing in multiple species, with different backgrounds, from all walks of life together to stop the threat at hand. Mass Effect 3 feels lacking in this aspect. Where Mass Effect 2 brought in a possible twelve squad mates,(including DLC), with only two previous ones from Mass Effect 1, and now we’re limited to seven,(with DLC), where only three are new to the series. It feels like a step down to me. I’m sure you could argue a number of points, like, “everybody could have died in the last game,” or “You don’t need that many characters when there are only 6 classes.” To which I reply, yes I do need all of those characters. Who cares if they all could have died. Tali and Garrus could have died in number two, but they are still around. It seems lazy to me and doesn’t affirm the Reaper threat. In mass Effect 2 I went in with my assembled team and broke them up to work like a real army. A team to draw fire, a specialist to disable tech, multiple secondary squad leaders, and even an escort to bring back survivors. That is how a battle works. One leader picking the soldiers most capable for a job and then letting them act. The final battle in Mass Effect 3, feels lacking in comparison. A nice walk through and a chat with everybody that you know, and then three men head in to fight the final war. I mean this is freakin’ Bioware, they are the kings of writing in games, but i feel they took a nap on this one.

Mass Effect 3 does a number of things so much better than it’s predecessors. Still no more off roading on a square mile of land on a random planet, and now the resource mining has been cut to a minimum which does save a little of my sanity. It also introduces an aspect where when suching planets for useful things, you can atract the Reaper attention, and have to outrun them. The first time I goe caught, I was dissapointed when i was just hit with a game over instead of a Reaper boarding party that i had to fend off. I get that those reaper lasers are super powerful, i just felt like they missed a fun opportunity.

Combat takes a much more dramatic difficulty curve from easy to insanity, the easy was childish and the insanity, was truly mind numbingly difficult. Startegy took a much greater place in this game, which is good because the power system has been overhauled to make attacks much more devastating and effective. If you are a good little Shepard, and imported your character, like I know you did, you will definitely want to bump up the difficulty to compensate the dominating powers.

I can’t help but notice that Mass Effect 3 has dumbed down the romance and the language from it’s past. The love scenes are non-existant and there is almost no cussing by the characters. Even Jack softened up and won’t even say “shit.” Sure, she’s a teacher now, i’m sure you’re saying to your computer screen, but come on, that’s just an excuse to make her, PG-13. Why is it that the gamer community lets it’s content be determined by the non-gamer masses. In no way are all three of these games M-Rated. Number one and some mild-butt-nudity, number two had some over the clothes action and biotic who cusses like a sailor, and number three has fade to black sex scenes and the word “damn,” a few times. If they’re too afraid of another political group whining about this crap, don’t make the game ‘M’ Rated. Call it T for teen and castrate yourselves while you’re at it.

I could bash the few things I hate about this game all day, but I could sing it’s praises until the end of time. For all of you whiners who hated the ending, shut up. It was a freakin awesome ending. Real consequences to a real war. I loved how sad it was after fighting so hard to reach that point and then having to choose how to end the war in such a heavy way. Even now, just talking about it and im getting a little teary eyed. This is a true ending to this trilogy. Friends and loved ones were lost, cities fell, but Commander Shepard succeeded where nobody else could. I give Mass Effect 3 a 5 out of 5.

Ender’s Game:A Hopeful plea

Throughout history there have been a number of books that everybody has read (or at least said they read,) but Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, isn’t one of them. That simple fact kills me. Ender’s Game has everything that makes entertainment, entertaining. It has war, humor, spaceships, laser tag, video games, aliens, fights in the shower, and a guy with a set of nads for a screen saver. Yeah I know, mind blow right? Please heed my warnings, if you don’t read this book, you will never be trully happy or feel like a tremedous badass. Unless of course you’re an ultimate fighter with a hot girlfriend.

A hundred songs with only 4 chords, all awesome.

Racism is alive, but not at the redhouse.